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Share your gaming knowledge with the world using Brainwaves - an innovative new addition to Gamewise.

Brainwaves allows gamers to share their knowledge and start discussions about all sorts of topics, from news, to walkthroughs, top 10 lists and just about anything else you can think of!

The interface is slick and easy to use. You can even tag your Brainwaves with relevant content from the Gamewise database, such as games,  companies, characters and more. This results in a hugely social experience, where Brainwaves are shared between friends, but can also be discovered by gamers seeking out information in the database.

Here are some of our favourite examples of recent Brainwaves on the site.

Uncharted 3 going free-to-play?
By Xzbeat

Ask the author - DmC: Devil May Cry
By ExtremePhobia

List your top 5 games of all time
By DreamsCast

Who’s the most annoying side character?
By TheSnowman 

Come and join the discussion today! Start your own Brainwaves and you might be featured in our next blog post!

Gamewise celebrates public launch after successful closed beta.

UK start-up makes video game discovery and social platforms available to all, empowering and rewarding users for content creation.


Birmingham, UK - January 17th, 2012 – Following a hugely successful closed beta, is now open to new users.

Gamewise is a brand new website enabling gamers to follow their favourite games, discover new ones and share their gaming knowledge with their peers. The site is formed entirely from user-generated content.

At the core is the Wise Platform, a community-edited database with an easy-to-use visual editor that allows users to quickly author beautiful, high quality content - earning themselves points and kudos. 

Surrounding this is a social platform called Brainwaves. Users can share Thoughts, Articles, Reviews and Discussions, which are rated and commented on by others.

"We have had a terrific response to our closed beta," says Dean Walton, co-founder of Gamewise. "Our community has created thousands upon thousands of database pages and the Brainwaves system has inspired some fascinating discussions. It’s hugely exciting to be creating a new online experience and we can’t wait for more people to join the site and see it in action."

The emphasis on collaboration means that the rapidly growing Gamewise community and discovery tools will become whatever gamers make of them. The site also creates new opportunities for video game publishers to tap into the culture and enthusiasm of their fans - more on that soon.

Gamewise now has:

  • More than 45,000 user-created game pages
  • More than 127,000 content pages (characters, companies, people, franchises and platforms).
  • More than 50,000 published Facebook Open Graph actions from users.
  • More than 1.12 million points awarded for user contributions.

Sign-up now at to experience this new way to follow the games you love.

About Gamewise:

Gamewise ( is one of the fastest-growing online destinations for gaming knowledge. Gamewise offers a searchable database of over 46,000 games and more than 130,000 entities relating to them including characters, companies, people, franchises and platforms. Gamewise also includes the Brainwaves social platform for the creation and sharing of user-generated content, from simple Thoughts to complete Articles. For more information please visit

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Gamewise Celebrates Successful Beta Launch

Gamewise aims to build the definitive source of gaming knowledge by empowering and rewarding users for content creation

Birmingham, UK - September 10, 2012 – Gamewise today announced that only four weeks after entering public beta more than 10,000 user-generated pages have been created, covering subjects ranging from a list of weapons in Halo 4 to a comprehensive walkthrough for the new Skyrim ‘Hearthfire’ expansion.

"The response so far to Gamewise has exceeded all of our expectations" comments Dean Walton, Creative Director. “Gamewise gives the power of content creation to the gaming community - with a powerful suite of intuitive and easy-to-use tools, users can sign up in seconds and start adding content to their favourite game, character or franchise”.

Gamewise is built on a proprietary software platform dubbed the “wise platform” which aims to offer the depth of a wiki but the ability to form complex real-world relationships between entities to provide context within the gaming universe. Contributors are rewarded for all edits made and the most prolific contributors are able to progress and become “masters” of their chosen games and demonstrate their expertise and knowledge to the rest of the gaming community.

"Furthermore each entity can be "tracked" by users, allowing them to receive a bespoke feed of updates which are accurately matched to their interests" continues Walton. "Our aim is for Gamewise to become the go-to source of information for new and existing games."

About Gamewise

Gamewise ( is one of the fastest-growing online destinations for gaming knowledge. Gamewise offers a searchable database of over 46,000 games and more than 130,000 entities relating to them including characters, companies, people, franchises and platforms. Gamewise features include credit lists, character lists, trailers, walkthroughs, cheats, more than 70,000 release dates and 120,000 images including screenshots, profile pictures and game box art.

For more information please visit

Media Enquiries

Dean Walton
Creative Director

Gamewise has reached public beta!

After many months of hard work we’re pleased to announce that Gamewise is now open to the World. Hurray!

This means that all of our current 170,000+ entities are available to explore and contribute to.

It also means that anybody can now begin interacting with their favourite games simply by creating a free account.

New users should check out our Contributor Central section with guides on how to use the site along with best practices for content creation.

Any questions, feature requests or bug discovery should be directed to us either in email format or through the handy ‘Feedback’ tab on the right hand side of the website.

We hope you enjoy using Gamewise as much as we’ve enjoyed building it. Don’t forget to follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts for news and announcements.

The Guys at Gamewise

"We’ve now hit 2000 user added pages! Let’s keep the content coming - to be part of the Gamewise Project be sure to join our beta."

Request an invite here.

Everything you ever wanted to know about video games…

Our aim is to create the world's largest fully-editable database of all things gaming-related.

…in one definitive place.

Our goal is to create the world’s largest community edited video game database.

Gamewise will catalogue and contextualise each entity linked to a game, from the characters that feature to the people and companies who produce them.  Every entity has their own profile and with the help of our powerful and user-friendly tools, anyone can create, edit and structure unlimited pages of quality content within them.

So whether you want to define the world in which a game takes place (locations, weapons, items, etc) or share knowledge of the facts behind it or how to complete it - the power is in your hands.

All of this is presented in a beautiful and clean format, within a website that is easy to navigate and structured with relevance.  Gamewise will always be impartial - it is self-regulated by the community and is the next evolution in user-generated content.

Added to that, Gamewise is a social experience - you can follow your favourite entities and other users in order to receive a bespoke feed of news and updates, which accurately reflect your interests.

The search is on for knowledgeable gamers to help build the most definitive video game information source in existence.

Are you Gamewise? To get started, request an invite.


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